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What is CTO as a Service?
The CTO is the manager who meets the technical needs of the startup while coordinating its research and development. They assesses both the short- and long-term needs of your business and leverage investments so that your startup can achieve its goal.

Companies where the CTO is overworked, or where there is no CTO at all, can delegate advice and responsibilities to our experts.
When can the CTO help you?
By understanding your business needs and challenges, we will work to find digital solutions that create value for your company.
  • Do you have a brilliant idea but need help implementing it?
  • Is your team lacking a "techie"?
  • You don't know Python and need a "translator"?
  • Do you already have third-party software developers, but want to make sure you're getting the most out of them?
  • Do you have a talented CTO or technical co-founder, but they only have 24 hours a day?
How we can help
Turn ideas into design
We'll help you turn your great idea into a set of concrete tasks for developers.
Plan the product development process
We'll prioritize feature selection, developing a product plan and optimization.
Make sure your product works
We’ll check that everything works, making sure the software can handle the influx of customers and is cyber-secure.
Protect your digital assets
Do you have outsourced developers? We can help you establish a process to control source code, data, backups and other digital assets.
Any other problems?
  • Hold a "technical" pitch
  • Interview new developers
  • Assist the marketing team or data analysts
  • These and other tasks you can entrust to our experts
Your success is important to us
Thanks to many years of experience working on various industry projects across the globe, our CTOs have a clear understanding of how to create a product from scratch and refine it afterwards.

We will provide your team with experienced mentors who will help set up all the processes.
Save money and time
A Dedication
to Responsibility
We take project ownership and responsibility for decisions that were taken during the development.
A Commitment
to Results
We’re driven exclusively by an adherence to one metric: the success of our projects and clients.
A Focus on your
Our business strategy is simple: if our clients' business is booming, we’re booming too.
5 easy steps to get started
Describe what you need
Schedule an initial meeting to align goals and so we can get to know each other
Approve the services and timeline
Start working
Adjust the services and the timeline whenever you need it – no long-term commitment
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